Budget Boss offer experience fixing people’s financial mess

July 10

By Sean Meyer


Joe Francis kind of stumbled into his financial consulting business by fighting his way out of his own self-described financial mess.

“I got myself into this by getting myself out of another mess, my own. The lessons I learned along the way with that, and then becoming financially apt on my own, sort of led me to this career,” he said. “Being able to take that jump was because of the change in my own financial situation. As part of that, I wanted to share, help others anyway I could, get people thinking a little bit differently.”

Joe launched Budget Boss in March 2017 by offering what he explains as the goal of a common-sense approach to financial planning.

His plan was to create a platform to providing financial advice to clients, or perspective clients for that matter.

For the most part, he wanted to engage the community with financial advice and thoughts of how to better their position.

“No matter what income level you are at or what age you are, being proactive with your money is always in fashion,” Joe said. “What I do is help people create their own personal financial plans. A lot of what I provide is common sense for people to manoeuvre through their own personal financial situation.”

Like any entrepreneur, Joe explains, the fear is people won’t be receptive of your idea.

While Joe explains that will happen, “more often than not,” it hasn’t seemed to be the case for Budget Boss.

His successes are allowing him to further promote his “holistic approach” to financial investment, while also continuing with work he finds particularly rewarding.

Budget Boss offers clients assistance with their insurance needs, mortgages, estate planning, investments and business planning.

Whatever someone’s need might be, for Joe, having the opportunity to help people out of their own messes is something he continues to feel completely satisfied about.

“It’s most rewarding when you are actually helping people, shedding some light on something people are doing that is costing them money or it isn’t working the way they thought it would,” he said. “Essentially I’m constantly solving problems . . . and sometimes it isn’t problems, but rather let’s enhance what you’re doing. Ultimately, when you’re doing well, you could be doing better. If you’re doing great, I give you a round of applause and say if you ever need help, give me a call.”

Joe admits he could have run his entire operation from his kitchen table – and still does sometimes — but his decision to set up at Innovation Works is one he wholeheartedly credits with a good bit of his success.

The overall vibe of the space, he said, is one of community and when in an industry like financial planning, many people can find themselves in a lonely place.

Being at Innovation Works, however, is something he said is “worth the price of admission” all by itself.

Although he doesn’t get into the office every day, he does so as much as he can.

“Being here versus not being here is a no-brainer as to whether it’s valuable or not,” he said. “It’s just a given. Part of my job is being out and about, being where the client is, but I like to be here at least once a week to pick up that great vibe.”

For more information, visit https://www.budgetboss.ca.

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