Meet Our Volunteers at Innovation Works | Kyle

March 18

Where are you from and how did you land in London?

 I am from London. I briefly worked in Muskoka for a resort and came back to London to figure out my next move.


Tell us about your education and professional background.

I took an entrepreneurship and hospitality course at Fanshawe College. 


What causes are you most passionate about?

 Since I've been at Innovation Works, I've been trying to learn about homelessness in the downtown area. It bothers me to see so many people in that situation.


Why did you want to volunteer at Innovation Works?

 They welcomed me in with open arms. At the time I came in, I didn't have much going on for myself. Innovation Works has given me a chance to get my career started in a positive way. 


What is the best thing that’s happened for you as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?

I have enjoyed the positive interactions with people in the building.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?

I've been learning office etiquette. It's different than in my personal life. There must be boundaries in an office that we adhere to in order to respect peoples space and privacy.