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July 17

By Sean Meyer


After Louise and Len Motuzas sold their computer business, they knew two things for sure about their future plans — they weren’t ready to retire, but they were excited about sharing their experience with others.

As a result, the couple launched Thrive Business Consulting back in September 2013.

The business was launched in an effort to utilize their years of experience to help businesses often too caught up in their everyday problems to see what the solutions might be.

“I was sick and tired of people, our peers, saying they were just surviving,” Louise said. “I said, that’s it, people should thrive. I found out that name was available, and just like everything fell into place.”

Louise readily admits she and Len “didn’t work very hard for a year” after selling their multi-million-dollar computer business.

Instead, they took some time to “decompress.”

But even then they knew what the future would hold.

“During that year we started learning all we could about business consulting,” she explains. “We always knew we wanted to help other small businesses; we just didn’t know when we were going to start.”

The couple had to “reinvent” themselves, but before long, Thrive had developed a system where Louise and Len would act somewhat like an extended management team for their clients.

The routine is for them to go into client’s business perhaps once a week — sometimes more, sometimes less — look at their operations and figure out what their challenges are. Then, after deciding what an end result should look like, they set about finding solutions to problems their clients are often too close to see for themselves.

“Something always goes wrong in a small business, so they’re constantly reacting,” Louise said. “We pull them out of that setting . . . get them working on their business instead of just reacting. We interview the employees, look at their financials, and determine what they’re telling us.”

​Louise and Len do a lot of work from their home, but they wanted to create a distinction between their personal and professional lives.

As a result, they ended up “bringing people into a lot of donut shops.”

Then, however, they came across Innovation Works at a time before the centre even had a front door to open up. It put the couple in a position, Louise explains, to come in and set up shop early on in a space she believes created ultimately played a big role in the early success of Thrive.

“This place is such a great idea. They will jokingly tell you I should be on commission because we’ve brought so many people in here,” she said. “If you are starting or established and want some credibility, it’s the place to be.”

Working out of Innovation Works has paid off for Louise and Len both professionally, as well as personally.

After all, as Len said, Thrive has proven successful “in reigniting people in their businesses,” a result that is often even more personally fulfilling than it is professionally rewarding.

“It feels good because you’ve achieved something. You told someone you would help them achieve a result, and then you do it,” he said. “That empowers us; it makes us more confident. It adds to confidence, gives them confidence, makes them happier people. And they are happier, which feels good.”

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