From the mouths of social innovators Information Network is Ontario’s digital health and community information network. They are a non-profit that is committed to working with partners to improve information systems and connect the people of Ontario to the health and community services they need. They find innovative solutions to data management challenges and deliver quality tools that grant everyone equitable access to information.  

Your House hopes to create a world free of negativity, boundaries, discrimination and violence. They provide a safe platform for all kids and youths where they can soar.


Mystery of Type Diabeat-It loves that she is able to be a part of the change and the solution to people struggling with diabetes. Type Diabeat-it aims to ensure every man, woman, and child within the BPOC community understands what living with diabetes is, through education, and support coupled with the importance of healthy eating.  

Our lives are so deeply entrenched in the online world, Cyber Security and Privacy is no longer an option. Tom Bigos decided to leave his previous job, create his own company and offer Cyber Security services and training to micro and small businesses.  

While we unravel the effects of the pandemic, our perspective of how and where we work is shifting, opening opportunities to consider what is possible for the future of work. The pandemic is being called “the great accelerator” calling into question all aspects of systematic blemishes, including factors such as how we approach mental health care and the way we do our work.

Innovation Works is beginning the process of refreshing its business model, and we want you to be a part of it! You’re invited to attend a 90-min online workshop with the facilitators from Overlap Associates, who are helping bring a human-centred design approach to this process.


Nicole sees each company she works with as a unique community that we can help improve in small and big ways. They work to eliminate harassment in the workplace. They can transform highly toxic cultures into incredibly positive ones. They improve conditions for women at work, raise awareness with employers of the importance of mental health programs.

Kyle is from London, but left to Muskoka for work and ended up returning to figure out his next move. Volunteering at Innovation Works has allowed Kyle to explore opportunities, gain connections, Innovation and get his career started in a positive way. 

In a recent fit of nostalgia, Julia attempts to recall the best moments of my last five years: those that stood out as having changed her life irrevocably for the better. Immediately, one moment in particular came to mind: the rainy day in January 2018 that she walked through the front doors of Innovation Works for the first time.

As a Mindset and Habits Coach, Michael helps entrepreneurs and professionals overcome challenges and smash their goals, while having a lot of fun along the way. He also runs the writer training company, So You Want to Write?, which helps writers improve their work and publish their books by connecting them with experts.