From the mouths of social innovators

Have you tried Edgar and Joes Café’s wide variety of healthy wraps? All of the café’s menu items are made fresh in-house with a focus on using as many local ingredients as possible.

January marks a full year for Innovation Works opened all four floors. What is crystal clear to us is that ever single co-tenant has contributed in some way in making this co-working space London’s coolest place to work, collaborate and succeed.

One of the most common reasons Canadians miss breakfast is due to being too busy, not having enough time to prepare food. Thankfully, Edgar and Joe's café has many food options ready for you right in the morning. One of the most popular grab-and-go options is the energy bars, packed with energy-lasting nutrients for your busy day.

Other than being delicious, these wraps also have nutritive factors. Want to know why you should try an Edgar and Joe's breakfast wrap? Keep reading to find out!

New improvements have already been made including becoming more sustainable, increasing more grab and go items – showcasing breakfast pastries, sandwiches, wraps and more variety, making nutrition easier for your busy work day. The menu has been updated with a new design look, and more delicious meals will be added for everyone to enjoy.

Walking around barefooted, stopping into the basement for a yoga session or petting the dog of a co-tenant on the third floor of Innovation Works all help van der Nickolaas van der Veld take proper breaks to perform at his best.

“I was next to some of the initial conversations about Innovation Works and what it may look like, and I fell in love with it. I’m like oh my god, this is a space designed for millennials!” says van der Velde. “This is almost like a village of social impact, or socially minded people. I love that.”

We know that the best co-working spaces are more than just tables and chairs.

When the social innovation shared space was just a dream … I only need look to Innovation Works as a key example of cross-sector collaboration.

“Spaces like this are going to make London a more thriving city and make more people want to stay,” says Tyler Bryden, founder of SixFive Interactive.

The longtime educator has been looking for ways to inspire students and create opportunities for them to grow and learn outside of a classroom.