From the mouths of social innovators

It wasn’t long after I relocated to London that I heard through word of mouth about Innovation Works. After meeting with Zelda Brown, a co-tenant and the founder of Addventuresome Inc., she scheduled me for one of the weekly tours the following Wednesday night.

With an office filled with a mix of expertise, from web designers to clinicians and teachers, Melissa Taylor-Gates and her team at mindyourmind appreciate the differing perspectives they can give and recieve from co-tenants at Innovation Works in downtown London.

In the spirit of Edgar and Joe's Café Grand Opening on Thursday, June 22nd, let's take a moment to talk about everything the café has to offer.

For years, she was in charge of all aspects of construction. Paulette Soscia managed seven committees, ranging from interior design to IT to fundraising, which turned London’s co-working space, Innovation Works, into what it is today. 

Knowing it would be the only thing to get him out of his attic office, Marc Langlois moved his startup, Twelve Canada, to Innovation Works in downtown London.

"Here I was thinking that I was the one brought in as “the expert”.  And in the end it was MY brain that became full of facts I’d forgotten or chose to misplace."

"Setting an intention rooted in global learning where you listen and learn has deeper impact then coming in as the “expert.”"

Innovation Works is a community-driven initiative, made by and for London.

"To be honest, the concept of social innovation was new to me. I had always wanted to make a difference within my community, but lacked the support and resources..."

Our former Project Manager, Paulette Soscia, shares the poem she wrote as a thank you to the Innovation Works team who brought a crazy idea to life...