From the mouths of social innovators

Meet Aurelien | Trained as a teacher, I am very interested in social finance and social enterprise. I hope to create efficient systems and structures to help the more vulnerable segment of the population (ASD and mental health).

Throughout COVID-19 we will continue to be here for eachother. Innovation Works is first and foremost a place for community, and nothing can change that. Remeber we are truly stronger together so come join us while we stay connected online. 

Innovation Works Sign, Front Entrance at 211 King St. London, Ontario

Innovation Works will close its doors as of March 17 in order to minimize the risk of further spread of Covid-19.

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Pillar Nonprofit Network introduces new microsite to share what they have learned about the principles of developing a strong network. 

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Cambia also supports communities in Peru through programs run by Canadian charities such as London-based Heart-Links. Cambia’s donations in Peru have helped launch a social enterprise and support a community centre.

"[It's] about understanding what the organization is and what it hopes for, and then designing a process that aligns with who they are, where they want to go, and what their culture is, and then facilitating that process to move...forward in being able to deliver more concretely on their mission.”

Their vision – a world where humans live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature – may seem lofty, but Heenal has the passion and drive to tackle this challenge head on!

Outside of work, Ash and Sean love to dive into a good book with a hot cup of coffee from Edgar and Joes. They are passionate about supporting the local community and small businesses.

“Come down to Innovation Works. Check out what communities are doing here. If something interests you, engage with it. Trust that people are loving and kind - here, at Innovation Works, they always are.”

Coming to Innovation Works, I had never heard of social enterprise. However, since becoming a Welcome Desk Volunteer, I’ve been taught all about it, from direct engagement with co-tenant members and attending amazing events.