Our Team

A look behind the scenes


Loredana Wainwright, Director

Lore sees the impact of social innovation daily in her role as Director of London’s only co-working space intentionally designed for social innovators.  Formerly supporting emerging and existing social enterprises in London running this social enterprise is a natural fit for Lore, encouraging co-tenants to connect and spark ideas and drive change into the world Fun fact: She is a yoga junkie and has been known to succumb to copious amounts of watermelon at any given moment.

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Mitra Cameron, Network Support Services Coordinator

After studying History and Classics, Mitra found that she was drawn to the nonprofit sector. She loves writing and approaches her work with a strong eye for detail. Fun fact: Mitra used to be in a social issues dance group, performing dances on issues like poverty, abuse and addiction in Canada and the United States.

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Kaleigh Rodgers, Communications and Events Coordinator

Kaleigh is strategic and creative marketing communications professional with experience in the higher education, financial services and nonprofit sectors. She is passionate about storytelling in all forms and possesses the capability and vision to both plan for the bigger picture and execute on a wide variety of marketing activities. Kaleigh finds fulfillment in sharing the many ways Pillar helps to catalyze and organize for community impact as well as amplifying changemaking initiatives within our network and community. A lifelong learner, she is a graduate of Western University in Media, Information and Technoculture, Writing, and Public Relations, and has studied Marketing through McMaster University Continuing Education. In her spare time, she can be found exploring her artistic side through crafting and singing.

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Angela Bambino

I spent my undergrad studying Sexuality, Marriage & Family studies at uWaterloo. My passion for non-profit has brought me to the Not-for-Profit Management program at Western. I enjoy being able to make a difference, large or small. I found Innovation Works through participating in the Young Leaders program.

Aurelien Bonin

Originally from France, I came to Canada in 2007. Trained as a teacher, I am very interested in social finance and social enterprise. I hope to create efficient systems and structures to help the more vulnerable segment of the population (ASD and mental health). I am currently working at creating a turnaround fund to reward high school students for turning their lives around.

Chelsea Cuzzocrea

I’m 25 and recently graduated from Fanshawe College in the Communications and Public Relations Program. Prior to this, I was at Kings for 4 years and completed a B.A in English and Criminology. I was born and raised in London ON and I’m really excited to be here at Innovation Works.

Daniela Paviea

I recently moved to Canada and am taking writing classes in preparation to apply for college. Volunteering at Innovation Works allows me to practice and perfect my English, learn about Canada's culture, and meet new people.

Hadi Hasha

Born and raised in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, I have lived among cosmopolitan communities that exposed me to diversified culture from all over the world. I’m a professional marketer with 10 years of experience working with advertising agencies and a B.Sc degree in Business and Marketing from the Lebanese American University. My portfolio includes launching brands/products in new markets, business development, and running Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.  Throughout my career I have encountered and worked with a diversified portfolio of clients in the; Retail, Jewelry, Automobile, FMCG, Healthcare, Governmental, and Recreational sectors. I appreciate modern social values and the principles which help empower local communities and promote an inclusive and engaged society. Sharing my experience, skills and ideas to those in need is so fulfilling.  

Jason Jordan

London’s Animator for Greening Sacred Spaces. Will be working with Places of Worship to be more environmentally sustainable. 

Julia Campbell

I am currently an HBA2 student at Ivey Business School. I am pursuing a five year dual degree with the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities. I am working towards a major in English Literature from Western and my Sustainability Certificate from Ivey. This year I am serving as the VP University Affairs elect for the Ivey HBAA Association, where I manage our Ally@Ivey (Diversity and Inclusion), MyHBA (Holistic Health) and Ivey Connects (Nonprofit) organizations. I also represent Ivey as a councillor on Western's University Students' Council (USC) and sit on the Student Experience Standing Committee and the LGBTQ2+ Subcommittee.

Laura Losada

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a recent College graduate with a diploma in Spanish teaching. Post grad I began to work on projects for my mother’s business, learning how to run it on my own. During this time I fell in love with entrepreneurship and began learning how to create marketing materials. For the past 2 years I have been learning how to build websites and utilize Canva as a marketing tool.

Leila Nattagh

I help companies build triple bottom line strategies by developing, implementing, and monitoring sustainability plans. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a scientist; a pharmacologist. Until I realized in my Toxicology class that humans are really good at ruining earth’s natural and precious resources. I also learned that there is no alternative planet- not yet! So, I dedicated my career to preserving our resources thereby mitigating climate change. I’ve spent the majority of my career in a non-profit, focusing on waste management. Now, I want to combine my passion for reducing waste with the desire to help businesses grow. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? I'd love to talk garbage with you! 

Liang Qing

I am a first year university student studying Childhood and Social Institution at King’s. I am new to London and really excited to know more about the city through social interactions with the citizens. I enjoy nature and going out for long jogs. My time outdoors has made me more aware of pollution and mindful of the waste I produce or products I use and how they affect the environment.

Omar Rafik

I'm a student at Fanshawe College currently studying Web Development. I'm volunteering so I can meet some of the incredible people in this community and learn more about entrepreneurship.

Shawn Karpati

I have 20 years of work experience in Business and Technology. I love to help people, that is the most rewarding part of this role.

Tanya Anderson

I have gone through a host of life experiences from general office work, co-running a scuba dive store and training center, training and working in outdoor and urban recreation, Director of Harbourfront Senior Program as it transitioned to a Board made of Senior Adults, and for the past 20 odd years I have been designing books, magazines, and other print media.

Innovation Works is a backbone initiative of Pillar Nonprofit Network and is governed by Pillar’s trailblazing Board of Directors.