Edgar & Joe’s Grilled Vegetable Wrap & Plant-Based Protein Facts

March 06

For all the vegetable lovers, we are featuring Edgar and Joe’s tasty, vegetarian grilled vegetable wrap. It is made with entirely vegetables, chickpeas, and quinoa, with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and sundried tomato mayo wrapped in a tortilla wrap. The entire wrap is only 366 calories, with 9.4 grams of plant-based protein from chickpeas and quinoa.

Did you know? Quinoa, hemp and soy are some of the only 3 plant-based protein sources that are “complete proteins”. What does this mean? Here is a quick science lesson - when you eat protein, your body digests it down into tiny amino acids. We need to eat all 9 important “essential” amino acids from food. Foods that have all 9 amino acids are called complete proteins. All 9 essential amino acids are needed for growth, maintenance, and repair of our muscles, and much more.

Where can we get complete proteins? Meat and dairy products are all sources of complete protein, but from plants, it is a bit more difficult. All vegetables, fruits, and grains contain different types of amino acids, but are not complete – with the exception of few. Meaning from plants, most do not have all 9 essential amino acids in one food. This is why it is important to eat a variety of foods from Canada’s Food Guide groups to get different nutrients.

Edgar and Joe’s grilled vegetable wrap gives you a whole 3.5 servings of vegetables and 1.5 servings of grains from Canada’s Food Guide. With an added bonus, quinoa gives you a complete protein entirely from a plant source. Try a wrap today and stay healthy!