Pauletta Soscia Finds Growth through Innovation

June 12

Pauletta Soscia --

She built the building, networked with tenants, and found her new career


For years, she was in charge of all aspects of construction. Paulette Soscia managed seven committees, ranging from interior design to IT to fundraising, which turned London’s co-working space, Innovation Works, into what it is today. 

Once the building was up and running, Soscia’s job was finished – but she found a new one, even a new career, with a co-tenant in the building, Cowan Insurance Group.

“It’s incredible,” said Soscia. “It’s like coming home. It’s a new company [for me] but there are so many familiar faces [in the building]. It’s amazing. This was one of the main reasons I came to work for Cowan, so I could work here.”

She describes Cowan as a “very forward thinking insurance company,” with an innovative President who is from London and saw Innovation Works as the perfect space to launch the Cambridge-based company in London’s market.

She loves that each time she walks into the building there are new faces and a new energy to experience. From small start-ups to bigger Western University, Soscia appreciates the diversity of strengths and skills found at Innovation Works. Highlighting the space’s “community animator,” whose entire job it is to know co-tenants and connect them with each other so they can work together, Soscia believes the “intentional collisions” Innovation Works provides is what really makes the office space unique.

Wednesday Salad Club means co-tenants make a pot-luck salad bar, but they meet together, schmoozing and sharing ideas and experiences. Friday afternoon BYO “Wine-down” gatherings are a favourite, too. It’s the co-tenants themselves who invite each other on walks, work at shared tables and really get to know each other. Soscia says co-tenants can be as involved as they want in communal programming, but she sees a definite desire amongst the co-tenants to help each other out and create a strong sense of community, which leads to idea sharing and collaboration.


She knows being around Innovation Works lead to her getting a new job, but she’s also seen other partnerships emerge between perfect strangers meeting at Innovation Works networking events.

“Oh man, this is the best place to come to work that I’ve ever been involved in. You never know when you walk into the building who you’re going to meet,” says Soscia. “As the day goes on, you can just feel the building fill up and the energy. There’s always a buzz, you know!”