Resiliency Ninja revels in overcoming individual obstacles

April 10

By Sean Meyer


It may have started with a book recounting how she overcame the obstacles in her life, but Allison Graham is now using the skills she learned on her own journey to help others find their path to success.

Last year Allison released Married My Mom, Birthed A Dog: How to be Resilient When Life Sucks, a book that chronicled her rebound from several years of complicated health problems and personal loss. Despite all that, she built a successful career as an in-demand public speaker, as well as personal and professional coach.

Describing herself as a self-professed Resiliency Ninja, Allison decided in January to put her former business aside and focus her efforts on utilizing the hard-earned skills that lifted her towards success.

“Resiliency Ninja isn’t just the book. I like to say, ‘Obstacles are my playground and helping you get over yours is my mission,’” she said. “Sometimes in business, the biggest obstacle is getting to enough qualified buyers. Sometimes, it’s that you’re completely stressed out and overwhelmed. My coaching clients, I help them with both aspects because you can’t separate the business from the personal when you’re an entrepreneur.”

People are struggling, Allison explains, particular as running a business can be a lonely and frustrating place.

If someone has the wrong strategy in place, and they don’t have someone in their corner looking at the bigger picture it’s easy to get off-track and difficult to find the way back really quickly.

One of the things Allison said she’s noticed in the coaching world is people are getting a lot of advice, but they don’t have enough experience to look at it all. After all, they’re not always so invested in the bigger picture.

Because this is her 12th year in business — and before that she did a lot of things that led up to her current skill set — Allison said she able to see “the patterns and the holes” in what people are doing and to show them how to make them better.

It turns out, that is the very place she was meant to be.

“This is where I needed to end up. I’ll always be grateful for the original networking, tactical work. That gave me great content to serve big clients for big money in a timeframe when I was very limited in my capacity,” Allison said. “The response has been awesome. What has happened, funny enough, it’s increased my inquiries on the business development side, which maybe wasn’t the goal, but that’s OK.”

Although she’s worked at home for more than 12 years, Allison recognized that approach wasn’t working anymore and left her feeling particularly isolated.

Always the problem solver, she realized Innovation Works offered her an idea solution.

In her position as a cotenant, she now has a place she can come, close the door, and get a lot of work done. However, she can also open that door, say good morning to people, and enjoy the day-to-day networking that for her is invaluable.

“It’s been wonderfully exciting. I wondered what it would be like coming in every day with so many different personalities, and yet, everybody gels,” Allison said. “It’s not like you have all the inner workings of an office environment where you’re all working on the same thing. You’re all doing your own thing, you just happen to all be in the same space. That’s a great thing.”