The Story Behind Edgar & Joe's Coffee - Las Chicas Coffee

February 26

To all of the avid coffee-drinkers, do you know where your coffee from Edgar and Joe’s really comes from? As you probably know, Edgar & Joe’s cafe is a social enterprise and aims to support local and/or small businesses. This week, we are talking about Las Chicas Del Cafe, the family-owned and run business that fuels your daily coffee fix.

Las Chicas coffee was founded by the Fiallos’ family, coming from three generations of coffee growers and importers. The coffee beans are responsibly grown in the family’s farm in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua. Next, the beans are roasted on a wood fire stove by the Fiallos family and packaged right outside of London in St. Thomas, Ontario.

What exactly does it mean to grow and farm responsibly? Las Chicas values and understands the importance of the biological pyramid from bacteria and fungi, to birds and trees that strive in the plantations. As a small, family business, Las Chicas recognizes the need for a fair market price that reflects sustainable production as well as sustaining the family business. When you support local businesses, you are supporting hardworking individuals do social good.

Las Chicas is also a social enterprise, actively involved in the community including proud supporters of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Big Brothers of London, Hospice of London, London’s Women’s Abuse Centre, and much more.

The next time you have a coffee at Edgar and Joe’s Cafe, keep in mind that you are having responsibly grown coffee that helps the community as well as the environment.

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