June 20 - 12:00 to 12:45
No Cost
Innovation Works- Collaboration Station

Join us for the ultimate "EmPower" lunch! Bring your lunch and join us for 45 minutes of inspiring and eye-opening discussion about a business model that values inclusivity, sustainability, democracy and equality.

From band-owned record labels and fan-owned pro sports teams, to worker-owned microbreweries and community-owned grocery stores, co-operative businesses come in all shapes and sizes; yet they are all built on the common foundational belief in workplace democracy, and in putting people, planet and principles before profit.


Because of this, co-ops work. In fact, study after study shows that co-operative enterprises are by far the most sustainable business model to adopt. Yet despite the fact that there are over ONE BILLION members of co-operatives worldwide, incredibly, this business model has been a best-kept secret in Ontario…until now.


Come learn about, and be inspired by this empowering, diverse sector and find out how you can get involved in building a better world.