January 14 - 6:00 to February 25 - 6:00
Online via Zoom

Don't Let Fears, Doubts from this Year Block Your Joy in 2019!

If you're a woman who has experienced a loss or setback this year, you're probably asking yourself: Will 2019 be any better? It can be ... if you choose to make it so. Struggling alone, beating yourself up for what you "should" have done is over! Getting support, seeing your setbacks as disguised opportunities is where it's at.

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to re-discover and reconnect to your inner confidence, endurance, and resilience, (in 7 weeks or less) so you can bounce back from any setback or difficulty in 2019 stronger, more optimistic, and more able to handle life's uncertainties!

This course will help you to heal from job loss, breakup, divorce, or other life transitions. It will help increase your self-confidence and self-awareness. It's perfect if you are ready to make a shift in your perspective and are open to self-improvement. What makes Start Within - Finish Strong Online Course for Women Leaders unique is that you will be guided through a specific self-exploration process that inspires you to reconnect to your inner wisdom.

You don’t need more time to spin your wheels, get sucked into the spiral of negative self-talk and self-doubt.

Instead, what you really need is a solid system, a supportive community, and a coach to hold space for you and hold you accountable to take steps to overcome.

Do you accept the mission? If your answer is YES, enroll today!