January 13 - 7:00

We are looking for someone to fill this position immediately.

Solistra is a new spin-off company from the University of Toronto Solar Fuels Research Cluster. We are developing technologies that use renewable energy to convert waste greenhouse gases into value-added products and fuels. The ability to recycle greenhouse gases will play a critical role in addressing climate change, and will help propel Canada towards a future that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Our technology is based on 10 years of lab-scale research and development, with partnerships and collaborations with universities and companies around the world. Additionally, we are competing in the MaRS Women in CleanTech Challenge, and Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge.   

We are currently investigating how we can best integrate our technology into a variety of markets. Each market has stakeholders with different resources, needs, and values to consider, which represents a unique and exciting engineering challenge. We have developed a number of process designs for potential applications that we must evaluate from the perspective of several variables including safety, cost, productivity, and scale.

 This position offers the opportunity to be directly involved with our design process, as well as contribute to ongoing technical work. You will work closely with us to make process flow diagrams and models, as well as gather data from our prototype systems, to evaluate and iterate on existing and future designs. These designs will be invaluable for informing Solistra’s future endeavours. 

Job Responsibilities

-       Development of process flow diagrams

-       Modelling of chemical processes

-       Operation and collection of data from prototype systems

-       Work with others to evaluate designs

Required Skills

-       Proficiency in making process flow diagrams

-       Understanding of thermodynamics, kinetics, and design of chemical processes

-       Familiarity with engineering modelling software, including MATLAB, OpenFOAM, and AspenPlus is preferred

-       Engineering design experience strongly preferred

-       Lab and/or technical experience preferred

-       Must be eligible to work in Canada, and under the age of 29

Transportation and Housing

-       Students will be responsible for their own housing and transportation. We are located in downtown Toronto, within a few steps of public transit. 

Compensation and Benefits Information

-       Compensation will be provided monthly, at a value of $2500 per month for a 4-month term.


TO APPLY: Send your cover letter and resume to apply@solistra.ca