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The Welcome Desk Volunteer Program is a work-exchange. You give us 4.5 hours a week of welcome desk support and we give you access to Innovation Works Flex Desk space, our dynamic community, and all the other benefits of being a co-tenant of Innovation Works and a member of Pillar Nonprofit Network!


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Run the welcome desk.

Be a gracious host.

Share your ideas.

Make it Sparkle!

Choose your own adventure.


Our Welcome Desk Volunteers are the first face people see when they arrive at our space and their skills and presence set the tone. They excel in customer service, organization, communication and problem solving. They’re connectors of ideas and people and with over 100 Innovation Works co-tenants, you’ll meet a lot of people! 
Why Do It?
Being a Welcome Desk Volunteer gives you the opportunity to strengthen or develop skills in customer service, communication, office administration, programming, organization and problem solving! It also allows you to network with businesses and nonprofits in London, gives you a Flex Desk membership to Innovation Works and makes you a member of Pillar Nonprofit Network
Here's what our current volunteers have to say:
"I absolutely love being a Welcome Desk Volunteer! If you are interested in social impact and getting involved in the London community, you should definitely consider applying. Innovation Works isn’t just a space, it’s a group of people who are passionate about helping each other make the world a better place. I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made at IW, and I can’t wait to see who else we welcome to the team!"  - Julia Campbell
"What I’m getting out of being a volunteer are the improvement of soft skills (teamwork, creative and everyday problem-solving, time management, adaptability, etc.) while I meet and answer an amazing array of questions from the public coming in the front door as well as  phone-based calls. We do our best to make sure the co-tenants experience a workspace worthy of returning to. I’m constantly improving my skills and learning new ones. I’m the one that makes the first impression to new people coming in that know little about Innovation Works"  - Tanya Anderson
"Before volunteering at Innovation Works, I had no administrative experience. Taking economics at UWO gave me knowledge of business, yet I was still missing the administrative experience. Since starting here I have been able to bridge that gap. My concentration over the December month is to make use of local employment services, so when my volunteer term is complete I can find a paid position. This experience has prepared me so that when my time here ends in January I should be able to land the dream job. If it wasn’t for Innovation Works I would never have been able to get this kind of experience, which can lead to a well-paid job" - Shawn Karpati
The Commitment: 

Volunteers are scheduled for the same 4-hour shift every week. This shift will either be from 8:30 am-12:30 pm or 12:30 pm-4:30 pm on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. (some weekend work may be required).

Our Expectations:
Our expectation is that you will provide exceptional customer service, efficiently and gracefully handling whatever comes your way. We know that  our volunteers will  approach the role with the same level of professionalism they would bring to a paid position. 


Need more detail? We like that about you.          More Detail

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For those of you who like to know exactly what you’re getting into, here is a detailed description of your responsibilities:

Run the welcome desk. Welcome every visitor to Innovation Works with enthusiasm and an open mind. Handle phone and in-person inquiries, manage and book meeting rooms, and keep an eye on office supplies to make sure we’re prepared for anything!

Be a Gracious Host. A good host can make anyone feel welcome. At Innovation Works, you’ll take visitors on mini-tours of the space, prep meeting rooms, help organize and participate in community events, and keep us in check to make sure all our services are offered as inclusively as possible.

Share your ideas. Suggest new work practices and processes to improve Innovation Works’ flow and keep us on mission. Help us to be as effective as we can be!

Make it Sparkle! In order to make sure everyone’s experience at Innovation Works is awesome, we need your help to keep a clean and organized space. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Choose your own adventure. Each of our Desk Exchange Animators has a diverse set of skills, and we want to celebrate that with you! What else can you do to support our operations and community?


If the above list sounds like something you can handle, and you can do it all with sincerity, care, fun, and goodwill, then we want you!

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