Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?

We sometimes get questions about what exactly we do over here and how it all works. Here are some of things we get asked the most.


Becoming a Co-tenant Member at Innovation Works

What kind of packages do you offer?
We’ve created a portfolio of products, which we hope will fit your needs! Check them out here, along with the benefits that each package provides.

Do I have to apply to become a Co-tenant Member of Innovation Works?
You sure do. We believe that the foundation to a strong community is shared values and so curate our community to ensure everyone here has a social mission.

Can I get my mail delivered to Innovation Works?
If you have purchased a Flex Desk, Personal Desk or Office package with us - yes! Our team will sort it once it arrives and put it in your fancy Innovation Works mailbox.

I have other questions about my lease. Who do I talk to?
Please contact

Learning More About Innovation Works

Do you offer tours?
You bet. We regularly hold Information Sessions, during which you’ll get a tour of the space and meet a member of our team who can give you everything you need to make a decision.

Where can I park?
Innovation Works does not have a parking lot, but we can give you all the information you need for parking downtown!


Consulting and Research

I've read the publications and I'm interested in learning more!
If you have further interest in Consulting Services with Innovation Works, you may get in touch with There is a fee applied to consultations, which can be determined once further details of the consultation have been discussed.

I have a similar model already in place and want to talk about collaborating.
Cool. Send us an email at and we’ll find the best person to connect you with from there.

I’m doing some research on Innovation Works and/or its Co-tenant Members, can I send out a survey?
We handle these on a case by case basis as we get a lot of requests and are sensitive about not overburdening our community with requests. Where we make exceptions is when your research has value to the community and can be shared with future requests for research. If that fits the bill for you, please email

Staying in Touch

How do I find out what’s happening at Innovation Works including events, job opportunities and what Innovation Works Co-tenant Members are up to?
Pillar Nonprofit Network has a monthly newsletter that includes the latest Innovation Works news and updates. You should sign up for it!

Can I share something on your website, newsletter, tenant listserv and social media?
With regards to specifically promoting to the Innovation Works Community, this is a benefit that we reserve for tenants of Innovation Works who are paying for such services. Also, we don’t sell ad space on our website. Of course, we would love for you to join us and you can learn more about becoming a Co-tenant Member! But in some cases, we are happy to make an exception if we think it’ll be really valuable for the community, so please email

Still Have Questions?

If you haven't found the answer you are looking for, you can contact us at