Inclusive Community Events Program

The Inclusive Community Events Program supports equity-denied groups with complimentary meeting and event space at Innovation Works. This program provides support to foster an inclusive environment for community gatherings, discussions, and creative collaborations.

The program was created in celebration of the remarkable contributions Dharshi Lacey made in the London community. Dharshi is a former Pillar Nonprofit Network colleague and has spent decades leading transformative work in equity, anti-oppression and justice. The Inclusive Community Events Program will ensure that her impact in our community endures for years to come. 

“Sparking ideas happen around kitchen tables - forming and storming needs space and community support; that is what I would love for us to provide at the Pillar - Innovation Works space.” - Dharshi Lacey

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible events and meetings must:

  • Be used for community gatherings, discussions, workshops, cultural events, creative projects, and initiatives that aim to create positive impact. 
  • Align with social impact purposes, benefiting the community rather than for revenue generation.
  • Foster an inclusive and safe environment for all participants. We do not tolerate discrimination, hate speech, or any behavior that promotes harm or negativity toward any group.

Eligible groups include:
  • Small nonprofit organizations, or volunteer-led or grassroots initiatives with an annual revenue of less than $100,000 that support equity-denied communities. 
  • Initiatives that have not been a recipient of low or no-cost meeting space or event space at Innovation Works in the previous 6 months.
Facility Features

Applicants may apply to use any of the meeting rooms and event spaces at Innovation Works.

Duration & Frequency: Meeting room and event space availability is limited to three hours per booking per eligible group once in a 6-month period to allow fair access to all.

Amenities: Meeting rooms and event spaces will have basic amenities such as:

  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Audio-visual equipment 
  • Other necessary technical support 

Catering: Pillar Nonprofit Network will not supply food or beverages as part of the Inclusive Community Events Program. We encourage eligible groups who are interested in purchasing catering to consider Sidetrack Cafe

Access Sidetrack Cafe’s catering menu

Alcohol: Alcohol is prohibited and out-of-pocket expenses may be incurred if security or Innovation Works staff are required to attend.

Accessibility: Innovation Works is equipped with an entrance with a ramp, an accessible washroom on all floors except for the fourth floor and basement, and an elevator. All bathrooms are gender neutral. Efforts will be made to ensure all meeting spaces are accessible to all individuals adhering to relevant accessibility standards.

Room set-up and take-down: Meeting rooms and event spaces are equipped with tables and chairs, which can usually be configured in different ways. Pillar Nonprofit Network will not be responsible for room set-up or take-down. It is expected that users will return the room to its original state at the end of the meeting or event. Sofas, lounge chairs, and the stage need to remain in place and should not be moved. 

Inclusive Community Events Program Application Form


Any questions or concerns should be directed to Maria Luisa Contursi.

The Inclusive Community Events Program is made possible by donors of the Dharshi Lacey Catalyst Fund. 

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To learn more about sponsoring or donating to the Inclusive Community Events Program and how you can give the gift of community, please contact Shelby Weaver.