Who We Are: Our Values

Put people and planet first

We are connected by one shared vision: to put people and planet first. Everything we do - every decision, exchange, system, product and offering - must move us closer to justice and equity.

We are Innovators

We navigate chaos and embrace opportunity. We create space for conscious collisions to take place. We believe in being diverse, resourceful, nimble and humble.

Together we are better

We connect people to spark creativity and create impact.

No one can do it all. We must work together and actively share our knowledge. We believe in the synergies of connection, the explosive potential of partnership, and the transformative power of movements. Collaboration is in our DNA. It isn’t just nice—it’s imperative.

Keep it real

We won’t pretend to be something we aren’t. We embrace challenges and differences of opinion, without judgment. We believe that authenticity, transparency and vulnerability leads us to mutual respect and understanding.

Make social change and have fun doing it

We’re serious about not taking ourselves too seriously. Happiness, joy and play remind us that both the process and the product matter. Changing the world is hard work. We may as well have fun doing it.

Anything is possible

Innovation Works is a place for solutions. We default to optimism. We design our work, our systems and our world to get to “yes” as much as humanly possible. When we have to say no, it’s because we are saying yes to our mission. We are possibility thinkers, opening doors to unveil potential change by looking beyond the obvious.

Community is our culture

Core to the human experience is a sense of belonging. We smile at each other, and sometimes even hug you if you let us. The question we ask most often is “How can I help you?” We care for each other, and believe that we all have a role in co-creating our amazing community with courage and hope.

Blow people’s minds

We are fiercely passionate about our work in the world. We embody excellence, experience and expertise every day. We do our homework, hone our craft and get the job done. Not content with doing “just enough”, we go above and beyond. We celebrate and share stories of our work so others can benefit.

It’s up to us

We believe that change happens when people decide to make a difference. We don’t sit back and wait for things to get better: we shape the world in which we live.

We’re ready to lead. Are you IN?