Build It and They Will Come

January 22

January marks a full year for Innovation Works opened all four floors. What is crystal clear to us is that ever single co-tenant has contributed in some way in making this co-working space London’s coolest place to work, collaborate and succeed.
There were those that thought the idea was well out of the scope of a nonprofit.  Those that thought Pillar Nonprofit Network and their founding partners could not get it done.  And yet…
Not only did we get it done, we came through the first year with a sound model, honouring our $1M Community Bond investors, reaching capacity with room to grow and by creating remarkable connections between socially minded individuals and organizations that want to make a difference in the world.

At the heart of it is one common thread that continues to be the differentiating factor:  YOU.

Your leap of faith in our big dream, your tenacity to involve yourself in making our bricks breathe with life, and your unwavering desire to help others – regardless of what sector, what diversity and what experience.
Because we all know that anything is possible.
Did you know?
What began with just a few individuals who thought boldly and through extensive community collaboration this adventure came to life.  With a track record of making a difference, Pillar Nonprofit Network brought together epic humans who invested in our shared space - either financially or through a stellar volunteer project team - because they too were possibility thinkers.
Pillar owns and operates Innovation Works through our dedicated staff that includes myself, Sienna, Sarah, Jenny and behind the scenes extraordinary contributions with the other team members of Pillar. Each and every one of us is dedicated to making your experience here the best possible day in your week.   As well, our front desk Community Animators – our DECAs -  have provided over 3,000 volunteer hours to welcome every person that walks through our doors and have been a major part of our success.
We believe strongly that we are creating positive community impact with our incredible array of co-tenants from all sectors via animation and collaboration.
We are thrilled to be diving into 2018 with some great learnings (from you) and want you to know that we are an email, phone call or drop by away.
What’s next?
Illustrating our impact through useful evaluation and demonstrating our shared values is a  top priority in 2018.  We will focus of even greater community reach by generating more ways for Londoners to be a part of Innovation Works.
Below, you will see an update to YOUR input of our Innovation Works Survey conducted in June.  You can expect a survey again mid year, with shared results and continuous improvement efforts.
Since 2016, we began to jog our way through processes and the newness of running a new shared space to over 180 organizations and individuals.

In 2018, our pace is picking up and we are now in full stride – together.

A very sincere thank you.
Lore, Sienna, Jenny & Sarah