Celebrating Our Volunteers | Meet Chelsea Cuzzocrea

June 30

Where are you from and how did you land in London? I was born and raised in London, Ontario. 


Tell us about your education and professional background.

I recently graduated from Fanshawe College in the Communications and Public Relations Program. Prior to this, I was at Kings for 4 years and completed a B.A in English and Criminology. 


Why did you want to volunteer at Innovation Works? 

I wanted to brush up on my administrative skills after a temporary employment contract let up. 


What is the best thing that’s happened for you as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?

Feeling a sense of community and connection with all the amazing people I have met from all different backgrounds and walks of life.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?

That dogs can be included in workplace settings and provide a much-needed mental health break.