Celebrating Our Volunteers | Meet Tanya Anderson

June 24

Where are you from and how did you land in London? 

I was born in a small town in Manitoba, moved to Montreal as a wee baby with Mum until 21, then the family moved to London while I lived in Toronto. After spending 9 months in Cuba on a Scuba Diving contract with my husband at a resort, we then moved to London where my parents were transferred due to my Dad's work. 


Tell us about your education and professional background.

My education is varied but my College diploma is from Humber College's Recreation Leadership 2-year program. I've worked in a variety of fields including office clerk, CNIB Recreation Counsellor, Director of the first Harbourfront Senior Citizen program whose main purpose was to start one up that would lead to initiating a Board of Directors by older adults for older adults. I then spent 20 some odd years designing books and magazines, advertising for local companies for a friend's business as well as bookkeeping using Quickbooks. So, I've done a lot.


What cause are you most passionate about?

To quote Calvin and Hobb's creator, Bill Watterson, “The truth is, most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive.” I don't have a passion, but I am working on developing some.


Why did you want to volunteer at Innovation Works? 

I liked their website and culture. I wasn't sure what I'd be doing but the idea of meeting new people who were forward thinking and people-oriented was something that intrigued me.


What is the best thing that’s happened for you as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?

It's ongoing. The best thing so far for me is pretty much always what's happening that day. Right now, it's a very novel world during pandemic lockdown. Technology such as Zooming is quite the people tool for meetings. I'm actually getting to know folks better.


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned as a result of volunteering at Innovation works? 

That I can still roll with the punches and adapt