Edgar & Joe's Curried Chicken Wrap – Super Food, Super Good

February 02

Have you tried Edgar and Joes Café’s wide variety of healthy wraps? All of the café’s menu items are made fresh in-house with a focus on using as many local ingredients as possible, I repeat, this is not fast food!

A popular wrap from Edgar and Joe’s is the curried chicken wrap and is perfect if you are trying to stick to your New Years’ resolutions. The whole wrap is only 465 calories with a whopping 46.6g of protein! Healthy doesn’t have to taste boring, these wraps are made with roasted chicken marinated in curry, cumin, turmeric, lemon juice, garlic, and ginger. Along with all the flavours these spices give, there are also many health benefits of spices and herbs.


Turmeric: a popular “superfood” today believed to reduce inflammation in joints and have antioxidant properties, i.e, reduce cancer-inducing free radicals, delay declining brain health. The benefits of turmeric are enhanced in digestion when consumed at the same time as black pepper, which is also included in these wraps.


Garlic: contains an antioxidant pigment called anthoxanthins which are known to help fight colds as well as cancer-fighting properties.


Cumin & Ginger: among some of their many health benefits include antimicrobial properties that help assist the GI tract’s microflora and improve digestion.


Stay healthy and try Edgar & Joe’s curry chicken wraps today!


Nutrient Facts Table