Edgar & Joe's Rice Paper Vegetable Wraps

April 30

This week we are featuring healthy rice paper vegetable wraps from Edgar & Joes Cafe. The wraps are made with carrots, napa cabbage, peppers, cilantro, zucchini, green onions, and bean sprouts drizzled with rice wine vinaigrette. All these delicious vegetables are wrapped in a rice paper wrap with a chili Hoisin dipping sauce. These vegetable wraps are perfect for a vegetarian or more plant-based diet.

Rice paper wraps are a common dish in Eastern Asian cuisine. Haven’t heard of some of these ingredients? Here are quick facts on what some of these ingredients are:

Rice Paper: it’s exactly what the name says, they are circular, colourless, translucent wraps made from rice. Rice paper is an alternative to tortilla wraps, lower in carbohydrates and calories. They have a mild, almost nothing, taste with a soft, chewy texture.

Napa Cabbage: a member of the cabbage family originating from Beijing, China. The taste is similar to a round, head cabbage commonly eaten in Western culture. Napa cabbage is a great source of fibre, and vitamin A and C.

Hoisin Sauce: a dark coloured, sweet and salty-tasting dipping sauce common in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. It is commonly made from soy beans, sugar, white vinegar, garlic.

Try a rice paper vegetable wrap this week at Edgar and Joes Cafe!