Fond Farewell to an Innovative Experience

February 12


By Sean Meyer


It was January 2018, not long after the closure of my previous workplace that Michelle Baldwin, executive director of Pillar Nonprofit Network reached out to ask if I’d consider volunteering my talents as journalist at Innovation Works.


I was instantly attracted to the idea. After all, I’d written about Innovation Works since long before it ever opened its doors and even contributed to the fundraising campaign that led to its creation.


My brief online chat with Michelle led to a sit-down withInnovation Works director Lore Wainwright where we discussed how my skills might fit within the space. What became clear in fairly short order is just how many wonderful stories were being generated within the space, but were virtually unknown in the wider community.


From that conversation grew #CotenantTuesday, an ongoing (at least I hope it will be) blog post for Innovation Works. 


Over the next 13 months — with help from Sienna Jae Taylor, membership and network animator at Innovation Works, and several remarkable volunteers — I sat down with andinterviewed many remarkable people. The results of these conversations were 52 profiles of individuals and organizations that found a launching pad within the shared space.


From personal coaches and community non-profits to small start-ups and prospering businesses, it was truly a pleasure to meet the people who were prospering thro ugh their experience at Innovation Works. 


Most of these remarkable people were new connections I never would have made without the interviews that came with this series. I also had the opportunity to meet again with individuals I have written about on numerous occasions during my long career as a journalist in London.


As much fun as I had chatting with the co-tenants, it was the moments between interviews that were perhaps the most special.


For the past 13 months, I would come into the Commons — first floor at Innovation Works — and set up shop. It was my place for not only writing the blogs, but also my other freelance efforts were made more comfortable by the atmosphere within the space.


That comfort would also inevitably include visits to the in-house Edgar & Joe’s Café.


I had the great pleasure of also meeting numerous old friends, while also making new ones, many of whom make significant impacts on my life. In fact, there were plenty of personal connections I made during my time at Innovation Works that I hope to maintain for many years to come.


As I leave  the space for my new job, I must thank so many people — too many to mention by name, but hopefully you all know who you are — that made this past year at Innovation Works a treasure I will always remember.

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