Goal Execution brings clarity to the search for success

October 23
By Sean Meyer
Eric Johnson had been in sales most of his life, meeting the majority of his prescribed targets and celebrating those wins when they came along, but he realized there was something missing — clarity.
Johnson realized there are many people in the world today operating under the traditional routines of setting goals and achieving success. He decided there was a better way of doing things and so three years ago he launched Goal Execution Inc.
The company’s stated intention is to help clients gain clarity on what they want to achieve, put together the plans and systems to achieve those goals and then — most importantly — get people to execute on those plans.
“There are too many distractions today. Try this program, try that program, we all want to have instant success, but that won’t come unless you have systems in place,” Eric said. “Clarity is key. You have to know where you want to go, what things are going to look like. People don’t want to ask for help . . . when they do, they say that was so easy. It is, but they need that help to get there.”
Serving as president and Chief Enabler of Goal Execution Inc., Johnson said he sees himself as a success coach and consultant.
To his mind, coach and consultant are really two different things. A consultant is someone hired to come in and check out someone’s systems and make recommendations. They might even stay around to help keep the client accountable. But when they walk away, things often fall apart.
The coach’s job, he explains, is to change your mindset. 
“When you have that different mindset, if you’re the person who likes to wing it, do everything on the fly . . . you’re at the mercy of your emotions,” Eric said. “When everything you do has a purpose, then you start making different decisions. I look at it like a hack, how can I take what I know and . . . let’s see how we can make you stand out from the crowd; let’s see what will get you success.”
Eric is based out of Kitchener, but has a long and deep connection to the Forest City.
A Western University graduate, Eric met his wife at Western, got married in London and lived in the city for several years. Today, his son carries on the family connection as he is attending Western’s Ivey Business School. 
His familiarity with London didn’t end at simple geography, or even family connections, as he also heard a lot about Innovation Works.
One day, back in April, he decided to come in and find out more. After an impromptu tour from Innovation Works director Lore Wainwright, he signed up as a co-tenant and has been travelling to the space once a week ever since.
The fit is a natural one, Eric explains, as he preaches clarity in his business, which he believes meshes well with the collective leadership — not to mention the other co-tenants — at Innovation Works.
People who are willing to do the work necessary to achieve success is just the sort of people Eric said he wants to be involved with.
“I focus a lot on clarity, so what I love about this place is its sense of clarity,” he said. “Everyone here is passionate about what they do. They have the vision, they have the mindset, they are taking action, which leads to success. So, there’s the proof of what I’m talking about.”
For more information, visit https://goal-execution.com.



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