Introducing Julia Campbell: The Newest Face Behind Co-Tenant Tuesday

March 20

Hello everyone!

I’m Julia Campbell, your friendly neighbourhood DECA, Western student, and newest Co-Tenant Tuesday Blog writer!

I am a third-year student from Stratford, Ontario currently pursuing a dual degree with the Ivey Business School and the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (one of our Co-Tenants!) with an honours specialization in English Language and Literature.

What that big mouthful means is that I am passionate about the power of storytelling. I have always believed that it is stories that have the power to connect people or alienate people, to motivate or discourage. On the Arts and Humanities side, this has led me to a passion for narrative learning - understanding the world through the stories we tell. On the business side; it has lead me to a passion for marketing - how can I help a company tell a story in the most authentic and effective way possible? Most importantly, it has lead me to a passion for inclusion and helping others tell their stories.

I have been working at Innovation Works as a DECA for over a year now, and I can genuinely say that walking into the building last January was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started out hoping to get involved in the London community, and was directed to go visit Innovation Works. Upon meeting with Lore Wainwright, I was introduced to the DECA role, and before I knew it I was coming in for my first shift the very next Friday.

I started off facilitating Socialpreneur chats every Friday morning, which gave me the chance to meet some of the most creative and inspirational entrepreneurs in London. Following that, I was given the opportunity to help develop an impact measurement system alongside the Pillar team, help plan the Meaningful Market this year, and, now, interview all of the amazing Co-Tenants as the IW blog writer. One of the best parts of being a DECA is that the Innovation Works team will encourage you and provide the support you need to get started with anything that you want to do.

Coming to Innovation Works, I had never heard of social enterprise. However, since becoming a DECA, I’ve been taught all about it, from hands-on experience with social entrepreneurs, to one-on-one time with the amazing Julie Forrester, to attending amazing events that showcase our local entrepreneurs. Being a DECA helped me realize my passion for the social impact space, one that I have taken with me to Ivey and will continue to follow after graduation. I am so grateful for all the team does to help me learn and grow as a young woman, both in the social impact space and in the world in general.

Innovation Works, for me, has been more than just a working space; rather, it is a state of mind. Innovation Works is a community where people passionate about social impact come together to support each other, learn from each other, and celebrate each other. Every week, I come into the space and feel so hopeful for my future because I am constantly surrounded by people who are just as passionate as I am and have taken that passion and done amazing things. Innovation Works lowers the barriers to entry for success by giving me a space and a community, and, truly, the support I receive everyday makes me believe that I can do anything I put my mind to.

The people I have met as a DECA are some of the most amazing people I know. Every one of us is so different, and yet we are all united by our passion for change-making and positive impact. As a DECA, I know I have a team on my side, colleagues that will support me, and friends that I will stay in touch with even as our paths diverge. Innovation Works has been and continues to be one of the most positive experiences of my life, and I can truly say that I love being an Innovation Works DECA.

All of this is to say that I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share your stories and help spread the word of just how amazing the Innovation Works community is. If you are a Co-Tenant and want to see your company on the blog, feel free to drop me a line ( or stop by the welcome desk on a Friday afternoon and say hi!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood DECA,


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