Meet Our Co-tenants | Your House

September 14




Name of Organization/ Individual:

Your House Social Enterprise INC. 


Tell us about what your business does:

Empowering kids and youths of all ages by developing inspirational and educational programs. A portion of every product from our e-commerce site goes back to helping charities young and old around the globe. All of us at Your Social Enterprise INC. are beyond excited to help empower kids/youths through every sale on our ecommerce site. We believe wholeheartedly that when we work together to empower others, nothing is impossible to achieve in life. Youngsters around the globe will see that all dreams can come true. When we work as 1, we can help empower kids/youths to blastoff to infinite possibilities. There's nothing like Empowering Together to show the most precious members of society that they all can do anything with an open heart and a carefree imagination that will help them to soar beyond the impossible.


What is your mission statement?

We hope to create a world free of negativity, boundaries, discrimination and violence. We provide a safe platform for all kids and youths where they can soar. It’s our hope to help bring Smiles, Happiness & Joy to millions of Kids & Youths at London, Ontario and around the Globe!


What do you love most about what you do?

Helping kids and youths to be their best through inspirational programs, events, and products on our ecommerce site. 


How does the work that you do change the world or give back to our community in a positive way?

We feel the work that we do online and offline empowers today’s kids/youths. Your House Social Enterprise Inc. helps small businesses and creative ventures to grow locally and globally by platforms of e-commerce and trade shows. A portion of every product from our e-commerce site goes back to helping charities young and old around the globe.  All of Your House Social Enterprise Inc. products come from various suppliers who believe in quality 1st. We believe in empowering kids/youths through our products. This is why it is of paramount importance that we do follow strict guidelines to manufacture our products. We respect all lives and this why our products are fair market value and none of our suppliers use child labor… we stand against this, 1000000000000%. At Your House Social Enterprise Inc., we only work with partners who share same respect and compassion for all people, as well as environment. We love working with others who are always trying their best to find new innovative ways to continually improve themselves.

What do you love most about working at Innovation Works?

We love working at Innovation Works because there’s an incredible community feeling you get coming together in one building with so many amazing Londoners bringing great ideas to life.

What is the best thing that has happened for you or your business as a result of working at Innovation Works?

Great staff and incredible Londoners with a vision to help their community to grow creatively and positively.

How have you had to adapt your business as a result of COVID-19?

We were a live show production company before Covid-19 came to town. We are now doing sales and services on-line. In saying this, we hope to move forward with the live events once the pandemic is under control. 


Have you been able to contribute to any community initiatives to help those impacted by COVID-19?

We are currently giving back a % from our local authors’ books that we published, as well as we are working with Poarcher’s Arms of London in a fundraising initiative called, “Helping Kids and Youths to Soar”. When people buy any of our Your House gift cards, Poacher’s Arms gives 50% off of their delicious Korean fried chicken. 10% of each gift card sold goes back towards helping local Canadian charities. Also, we are working with other business owners to develop a similar plan. Our goal between now and Christmas, is to work with at least 25 local businesses to strengthen our Forest City community.

What do you hope will be different about the world or our community after COVID-19? 

We hope that everyone comes back and helps support their local communities via various community initiatives. We believe that we’ll be able to come back stronger and show people of all ages that nothing beats the human spirit, absolutely nothing.




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