Meet Our Cotenants | Nicole Edwards-Hayman

March 30


What is your mission statement?

Our Mission is to create highly engaging workplace environments where people and organizations thrive and can perform at their best.


What does this mean? 


Essentially, we…provide guidance on business challenges

related to people and organizational performance. More specifically we can:

  • Conduct Employee Engagement surveys and organizational assessments to identify an organizations natural strengths and opportunities to improve
  • We work collaboratively with organizations to create realistic, HR strategic plans and initiatives to improve workplace culture
  • We guide and educate organizations on ways to improve psychological safety in the workplace so employees can bring their whole selves to work and perform at their best for the organization
  • Facilitate Management and Leadership Training and Coaching to fill critical skill gaps of managers and executives or those new to a leadership role
  • Provide recruiting assessment tools to support interview and selection process
  • Create retention strategies to retain your valued people long term


What do you love most about what you do?


I experienced a toxic workplace culture early in my life and I wanted to be able to protect others from the same experience.

I love having the ability to influence meaningful change in how people emotionally connect with their workplaces

I love when an individual in a company shares how their workplace has improved and feel their values are now more aligned with the companies that they work for

I love when an owner feels they are creating a work experience for their employees that they are proud of.


How does the work that you do change the world or give back to our community in a positive way?


I see each company we work with as a unique community that we can help improve in small and big ways. We work to eliminate harassment in the workplace. We can transform highly toxic cultures into incredibly positive ones. We improve conditions for women at work, raise awareness with employers of the importance of mental health programs. We coach and develop managers skills, so they feel less stress and are more confident to manage others in more meaningful ways.


What do you love most about working at Innovation Works that you are looking forward to coming back to? 


I have not experienced life at Innovation Works in full force. I arrived in Oct 2020 when things were quiet, but I did see it pre-covid and loved the energy of the place. I would like the opportunity to help some smaller not for profit companies who may need HR support but cannot afford it. I want to be a valued HR resource to IW. I am looking forward to seeing the life come back in. I want to engage with people while having a coffee at Edgar & Joes Café.


What is the best thing that has happened for you or your business as a result of working at Innovation Works?

I love hosting leadership skills training sessions in the Solutions Lab. I also liked meeting new people on the coffee networking event because I have no other way of meeting new people right now.


How have you had to adapt your business as a result of COVID-19? 

I have had to work over Zoom calls and for some clients had to put off facilitating in person management and leadership training. My work is highly relational, and I need to connect with the people I work with to make a difference. I have had to rely on our survey programs to reach people and to stay connected.


Have you been able to contribute to any community initiatives to help those impacted by COVID-19? 

I live and work downtown and have been deeply affected by the homelessness that I see all around me. My husband and I have increased our financial contribution to Mission Services, the Salvation Army and to a local soup kitchen that I am affiliated with because we feel we can’t safely interact more directly.


What do you hope will be different about the world or our community after COVID-19? 

My hope begins in a quote I once heard, “All the answers you need, you will find in nature”. I hope we are more connected with one another, more humane and care more for the natural world. Covid has gotten us outside more. We have discovered hiking trails we never knew existed and a walk in the woods has so many health benefits. It helps us think clearer, it motivates and inspires creative thinking and reconnects us with those we care about.