Meet Our Cotenants | Richard MacDonagh

February 23


Name of Organization/ Individual:   


Richard MacDonagh  


"In my paid work for several years I have had a focus on LGBTQ sexual health, specifically on men who have sex with men and HIV/AIDS.  I identify as gay/queer myself so this has a lot of personal weight for me.   I spend the free time I have focusing on causes in this regard.  For example, I am currently on an advisory group connected to a research project wanting to make more inclusive screening criteria with Canadian Blood Services.  These are the types of projects where my passion lies."


What is your mission statement?


My mission is to work in whatever way I can towards equity in health outcomes for queer community and end the disparities that exist, specifically around mental health and access to health care.   I aim to build capacity in the community to support marginalized communities and understand their unique needs.  At the same time, I want to continue to grow in my own learning and capacity.  


What do you love most about what you do?


I love working towards change to support the community I am part of and also connecting people to the things they need.   


How does the work that you do change the world or give back to our community in a positive way?


I certainly want to make our community safer, more equitable, and acknowledge that while things may at times be equal, they are not always equitable.  And that is what needs to change.   


What do you love most about working at Innovation Works that you are looking forward to coming back to?


I love the sense of collaboration at Innovation Works.  It's great to meet other like minded folks who are working towards social change and have such passion in their work.   


What is the best thing that has happened for you or your business as a result of working at Innovation Works?


I would say the best thing is really just finding a space in the community to work that makes me feel connected to a community rather than feeling isolated, which is pervasive right now.   


What do you hope will be different about the world or our community after COVID-19?


I hope that we will have a better understanding and appreciation of how connected we all are and how much we need each other.   I hope we will have more gratitude, and that we won't forget this time.