Meet Our Cotenants | Serge Bornow

March 02


As a seasoned software solutions engineer and entrepreneur, who solves technical problems with apps, websites, and analytics, co-tenant member Serge Bornow knows a thing or two about dreaming up innovative ideas and putting them into action. When he left Toronto for London four years ago, he was immediately attracted to the idea of Innovation Works and was eager to join a community that would connect him to a diverse community of individuals working across sectors.

“I strongly believe that catalysts like Innovation Works in small to large cities is what innovation in community means, even more so than pockets of Northern California,” said Serge.

Serge’s latest project is NetHandicap, an app that provides golfers with the data and resources they need to improve their game. While the technical aspects of his role require plenty of desk time, he explains that the mission behind his work is to connect with real people and be open minded. In addition to the ways he helps users with his products, being a member of the Innovation Works community also has helped him fulfill that ambition.

“I’ve gained a lot of opportunities making new business connections but also meeting my amazing friends,” reflects Serge. “The people [at Innovation Works] truly believe in a collective that is inspiring, open, caring and supportive in our community.”

Another way that Serge connects to his community is through giving back. While, like many, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his own business, he still seeks out opportunities to share his time and resources with people and organizations in need of support – including an investment in the Innovation Works Community Bond.

“For the past few years, I've been allocating time and providing mentorship,” shares Serge. “I’m glad to say that I have financially contributed to organizations and individuals as well as microfinance support.”

For Serge, at the heart of his work across various industries is the drive to continually learn and evolve while helping to meet the needs of others. His commitment to embed himself within the community in which he works enables him to bring a human-centered approach to his work, which extends to his hopes for our community and the world post-COVID.

“[I hope we will] collectively realize how valuable human life is and how there are no borders when we all suffer and when we all rejoice,” said Serge.

Want to work alongside incredible humans like Serge and others? Consider joining us at Innovation Works!