Meet Our Volunteers at Innovation Works | Carrie

February 22

Where are you from and how did you land in London?

I was born and raised in London. I grew up in Byron, spent my early adult life in Wortley Village before putting my roots down in Westminster when I bought my home in 2016.  


Tell us about your education and professional background.


When I graduated high school, I was a young person who had no real sense of direction. Because of this, I decided that starting my adult life in a state of financial strain by continuing my education would not be the best course of action for me. This decision has its drawbacks but it has given me time to grow into myself and be financially self-sufficient from an early age.  I have been fortunate to have steady employment at my place of work for over 14 years, where I hold the position of a supervisor in a data collection call center.


What causes are you most passionate about?


Considering that every cause is important in working towards a just and balanced future, it is hard to choose just one. On a personal level, I would say that mental health and the environment would be my top causes. 


Why did you want to volunteer at Innovation Works?


I am finally reaching a point in my life where I want to figure out exactly what my passions and strengths are so that I can use that information in deciding what will be next for me. When I first learned of Innovation Works and Pillar, I could tell that it is a place that embodies a lot of the same values as mine. Since Innovation Works is home to many organizations that focus on a variety of different causes, I felt that this would be a good place to gain some insight and discover what i'm passionate about. 


What is the best thing that’s happened for you as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?


I have valued the opportunity to meet new people while in the middle of a pandemic and I am beginning to have a sense of direction on where I would like to go in life. I have yet to fully utilize all of the great perks that are included in the volunteer program so I am excited at the possibilities available to me once I become more involved. 


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned as a result of volunteering at Innovation Works?


I have enjoyed seeing how interconnected our community is and that London has such an abundance of people who are working towards creating a brighter future. Considering that we are still in the throws of the pandemic, I know that I have only been able to see the tip of the iceberg so far but I am interested in exploring more of the community at Innovation Works as time goes on.