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October 20

Co-Tenant Testimonial: Marla Marnoch Social Impact Real Estate

Meet Marla Marnoch, the visionary behind Social Impact Real Estate. Marla is not your average realtor. Since moving to London just five years ago, Marla fell in love with our city, and her passion for building great communities pushed her to start a new initiative - real estate commissions for community good. Her new social enterprise will donate 20% of realtor commissions to local change makers and community associations of the client’s choice with charitable donation receipts in the client’s name.

"For Marla, it’s all about curating community development projects throughout the city that are building great neighbourhoods, creating jobs, and big city projects that are transforming change."

The following are initiatives she plans to contribute to:

  • Great Neighbourhoods: Beautification projects, engaged & friendly neighbours, green city, heritage prevention 
  • Strong Economy & Jobs: Small business startups, more social enterprises, shopping local, job creation
  • Transformational City Projects: Place making (Back to the River, Dundas Flex Street), affordable housing

Community development isn’t a new concept for Marla, she began her career as the Director for the Native Skills Centre in Toronto, which was located at a co-working space, 401 Richmond Street West, and has been working in the field for 20 years. She knew she wanted to continue this type of work when she moved to London, and with her excitement for the future of our city, she wanted to explore neighbourhoods through real estate. Marla’s career came full circle. After connecting with the social enterprise program at Pillar and Innovation Works, the initiative took off - Marla is now a tenant! 

Marla credits her brokerage, Street City Realty for their partnership and support in moving this initiative forward to build the next exceptional city here in London. She also believes talking about the concept with other people who support her idea and identify challenges in a practical way have helped to bring the idea to life, and she recognizes the importance of collaboration among social innovators. 

Connect with Marla and stay up to date on new campaigns and don't miss exciting details concerning the launch of her new website! Coming Soon.  

To learn more about Marla, visit her current website:

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