Odell Keller: Digital Design An Essential Part of Staying Competitive In Todays Marketplace

April 02

By: Julia Campbell

Sean Odell and Ash Keller, President and VP Strategy of Odell Keller respectively, believe that the impact of positive digital experiences can be transformational.

“Good digital experiences create brand loyalty,” they explain. “When loyalty goes up, adoption goes up. People share their stories and referrals happen organically. When customer satisfaction increases, support costs go down. Happy customers, happy employees, increased sales, decreased support costs – these are benefits that every type of organization can appreciate.”

Odell Keller is a Digital Experience Design agency that provides strategic consulting and design services for Technology and B2B organizations, specializing in FinTech and Insurance. Odell Keller aligns business strategy with business tools and design in order to create digital experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To friends and family, they define their work through stories. People often get frustrated doing things online: they tell stories of trying to get their cell phone provider to update an account, of trying to buy something online but not being able to complete the order, of spending the day at work using software that makes them want to pull their hair out.

“We love hearing those stories,” they say, “and when people ask what we do, we tell them we fix that.”

“Our vision is to make the digital world a better place through design,” they continue. “By finding opportunities to remove frustration and create delight between humans and digital tools, we aim to have a positive impact on the relationship between communities, consumers, employees and organizations.”

Together, Ash and Sean have 20 years of experience as leaders in enterprise organizations and agency environments. They have worked with a variety of global consulting firms to define customer experience strategies and develop digital innovation initiatives for national Canadian companies in the insurance and FinTech industries. They have roots in the fields of marketing, strategy, information technology and mobile application development.

“Neither Sean or I can use a digital app, tool or website without critiquing our experience,” Ash says. “We love to pick apart the strategy of what makes something work well or not. Everything can be better. Happy interactions, happy people, happy world. This passion is what inspired the creation of our company.”

Sean and Ash believe that the most common mistake companies make today, is considering digital design to be a “nice to have” rather than an essential part of a business.

“Features and functionality are must-haves,” they explain. “It is the experience and holistic design of your solution that will make or break your business. The bar for digital experiences continues to rise higher and higher. Organizations that don’t keep pace will begin to lose out on potential opportunities to satisfy their customers, disrupt their competition, and engage with new audiences.”

What’s next for Odell Keller?

“As we grow our team, our next goal is to create educational resources for those who could benefit from knowing more about digital experience design. We want to build a community of Digital Experience Champions and raise the bar for how a ‘great digital experience’ is defined and created. We donate 1% of our profit, and have upcoming plans to give our time and services, to digital innovation in the community. To learn more about our ongoing initiatives, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter at our website here.”

Ash says that her favourite thing about Innovation Works is the community environment.

“The casual conversations and spontaneous introductions to such a diverse number of entrepreneurs have been very inspirational,” she says. 

Outside of work, Ash and Sean love to dive into a good book with a hot cup of coffee from Edgar and Joes. As avid readers, they say they love how close their office at Innovation Works is to great community resources like the recently renovated Central Library downtown. They are passionate about supporting the local community and small businesses. 

When asked if they have anything else to say to the people reading this, they responded as follows: “Don’t underestimate the impact your organization could create by leveraging digital to design better customer and employee relationships. The time to level up is now.



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