Pillar Nonprofit Network Launches 'The Network Approach' Microsite

November 07
At Pillar Nonprofit Network, we believe leveraging the collective power of networks is the best way to create positive impact in our communities. When the three pillars of nonprofit, business and government come together to share resources, exchange knowledge and create meaningful connections, we can build an engaged, inclusive and vibrant community.
To share with you what we have learned about the principles of developing a strong network, we have created a new microsite, 'The Network Approach'
Here's what you will learn:
  • Explore the stories of how Pillar Nonprofit Network and two of our collaborative programs, Innovation Works and VERGE Capital, came to be
  • Find inspiration in learning about the projects we have completed to achieve positive community impact
  • Get access to our promising practices and hands-on tools you can use from board governance manuals to strategic planning templates
Here is the direct link https://network.pillarnonprofit.ca/
Whether you’re established in the impact sector, just starting out, or are in another sector and want to learn more about our organizational development and practices, we hope that hearing about our history and our network building approach will give you valuable tools to help you on your journey to making a change in our community.