Promoting Accessibility: The Intersection of Marketing and Social Impact at Coach House Marketing

March 12
By Julia Campbell
“I see a world of entrepreneurs and non-for-profits changing the status quo for the next generation of decision makers and leaders,” says Alexandra Moore, co-founder of Coach House Marketing. “It is my passion to help businesses become more accessible, enjoyable, and exciting for people across different lived experiences of education, culture, race, gender identity, and sexual orientation, to name a few.”
Coach House Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency that strives to provide a unique, customized marketing approach to help organizations share their vision with a larger audience.
“I typically say ‘Marketing Consulting,’” says Alexandra on how she describes her role to others. However, Coach House Marketing has a much broader focus. “We work with such a wide-range of industries, both locally and globally, and the projects we take on vary from consulting to advertising to mentoring and beyond. We truly adapt to the needs of our clients. If I were to describe my typical day to people, their heads would spin.”
What is Alexandra’s vision behind Coach House Marketing?
“I believe in a future for business that is inclusive and vibrant,” she says, “and that is why I love working with entrepreneurs and organizations that are dedicated to making a difference. I love empowering people to feel confident about the decisions they make and the resources they devote to representing themselves and their desire to positively impact the world.”
Coach House Marketing began when Alexandra left university to pursue business, having been working on her PhD in English Literature. She was studying to become a Shakespeareanist and found incredible parallels between a Shakespeare play and the very real human interactions of business.
The best marketing comes down to great storytelling,” she says, “and it’s just been a joy to bring my research skills, training background, and passion for excellence that I gained from academia to the marketplace and witness the positive impact they make.”
What’s next for Alexandra and CHM?
“Because of the boutique-nature of our agency, we are limited by the number of projects we can take on,” she explains. “We go very deep with every organization we are a part of and people tend to like to work with us on a long-term basis. However, our desire to continue to help more people hasn’t stopped, which is why we are in the process of launching a products-based component that will feature courses and systems for entrepreneurs and organizations. It’s an aim to be able to provide them with access to all the marketing knowledge and strategies at a lower cost of entry than working with us one-on-one. The need for quality, trusted marketing advice and guidance is huge, and this is one way we can share what we know with more people.”
Alexandra loves that Innovation Works has become a cornerstone within the London business community.
Innovation Works really is the embodiment of what the future can hold for organizations, and it’s very inspiring to see such positive, inclusive engagement be made more accessible. My favourite memory would be coming in, after hours, when most people have gone home, and working late into the night, but still being able to feel the energy of everyone else’s hard day’s work creating meaningful change in the world.”
When asked what she holds close to her heart, Alexandra chose her three rescue greyhounds.
“Their big personalities and hearts teach me so much about giving and receiving good. They are 100% love, 100% of the time and remind me to lead with love in every element of what I do.”
And to the readers of this blog, Alexandra has just one more thing to say:
“If I could give people the most important marketing take-away, if they only remember one thing it would be this: marketing is everything and everything is marketing. The way you run your organization--at every level--is a representation of you and what you offer your community. In this way, marketing is incredibly complex and wonderfully simple. Be good, do good, show up, and the world will be transformed because of you.”

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