Tyler Bryden of SixFive Interactive Talks Innovative Growth

August 15

Tyler Bryden – SixFive Interactive


“Spaces like this are going to make London a more thriving city and make more people want to stay,” says Tyler Bryden, founder of SixFive Interactive.

He’s talking about the co-working space, Innovation Works, on 201 King Street in downtown London.

While still in the early stages of construction, 201 King Street was nowhere near its current shape, but after visiting the building with Western University’s entrepreneurial incubation program, Propel, Bryden and his team knew they wanted to be IN.

“You could just sort of sense this energy in the people and the space, and have the excitement for it especially since there was nothing like this here in London, we really saw the potential,” explains Bryden.

Established in 2015, SixFive Interactive has been providing highly effective solutions through creative development and design, live-streaming, photo, video, audio, social media, marketing strategy, and content production for businesses of all sizes.

Since arriving at Innovation Works they have tried out a various spaces throughout the building before landing in the basement, which gives them all the space they need to produce and be innovative. However, they do make great use of other spaces in the building just as all co-tenants are free to do. From meeting fellow tenants at Salad Club Wednesdays and Wine Down Friday events to hosting events such as “New Year, New Headshot,” the group at SixFive Interactive have fully emerged themselves in everything Innovation Works. They have established great relationships with many of the co-tenants through filming Innovation Works’ Canada 150 event and Pillar Nonprofit’s 101 Day.

“So many of [the co-tenants] have made really nice organic connections with us and we continue to work with and help out in any way we can. [There’s] so much collaboration and it’s just really exciting to be here,” he says.

Appreciative for the intentional collaborative opportunities within the building, Bryden says his team of young professionals is excited to be part of the “magic” happening at Innovation Works. He knows many others their age may head to Toronto or bigger cities into the U.S. He’s grateful that Innovation Works offers a space for them to grow within London.

“I think there’s a lot of goodness that comes in London here and a lot of enticing aspects of London with the affordability, the community, and now spaces and people like this happening. I think it’s a good spot and will continue to be.”