We Want To Hear From You! Reimagining Innovation Works

April 07
Help us create the future of Innovation Works for our community!
Innovation Works is beginning the process of refreshing its business model, and we want you to be a part of it!
The first step is to learn more about the needs of our stakeholders. As a part of the Innovation Works community of stakeholders, we recognize that your unique perspective is a valuable input into this project.
You’re invited to attend a 90-min online workshop with the facilitators from Overlap Associates, who are helping bring a human-centred design approach to this process.
You can sign up for one of three possible workshop times. Registration for these events are first-come-first serve, and there are only 30 spots available for each date. To register, select the correct link below.
Lab 1: Wednesday, April 14: 2:00pm-3:30pm - Register Here
Lab 2: Friday, April 16: 9:30-11:00am - Register Here
Lab 3: Monday, April 26: 2:00 - 3:30pm - Register Here
If you have any technical issues or requests to make the session more accessible or comfortable for you, please email Ben Balfour (bbalfour@overlapassociates.com), who will be one of the facilitators.
If you cannot attend, we’d still love to hear from you on this project! Stay tuned for an email to contribute to an upcoming survey. You’re also welcome to complete the survey, even if you plan to attend a workshop. 
Who will be there?
We’re inviting past, present, and potential co-tenants of Innovation Works, as well as London community leaders, and leaders of local community-based organizations. It’s going to be a great opportunity to connect with some new and interesting people. Innovation Works staff and leadership will not be participating in the labs.
What will we do?
●  We will identify and reflect on the needs of all Innovation Works stakeholders
●  As a group we will ideate and think big about the future of Innovation Works.
●  Using the ideas generated, we will create rough prototypes of potential Innovation Works business models
●  Possible implication of each prototypes will be also explored
The information and ideas you contribute, as a part of these stakeholder labs, will be used to guide and inform the Innovation Works leadership team as they create a strategy for the future. Innovation Works, our London community, and the coworking sector at-large are in a unique moment of transition. This opens the door for creative, unconventional, and bold changes in how Innovation Works serves its community. We want to encourage you that there are no bad ideas, and no ideas that will not be considered! We welcome all input, especially from people who have not previously connected with Innovation Works.
Pillar Nonprofit Network (and Innovation Works) recognizes the inequities connected to colonization and racism, and commits to working towards creating a just, inclusive and vibrant community. With this commitment in mind, we will host all engagements related to this project in the spirit of creating brave spaces, where we can have tough and meaningful conversations. The safety and respect of racialized individuals will be prioritized.
What will I need?
You will need an internet-enabled device with speakers, microphone, and camera. It will be easier for you to participate if you use a computer with access to the internet, rather than a smartphone.
We’ll be using Zoom as a video-calling platform, and another online platform, Miro, for our activities. You don’t need to have an account for either of these.
Thank you for your generous participation!
With gratitude and community love,
Loredana Wainwright
Director, Operations and Innovation Works