From the mouths of social innovators

"Setting an intention rooted in global learning where you listen and learn has deeper impact then coming in as the “expert.”"

Innovation Works is a community-driven initiative, made by and for London.

"To be honest, the concept of social innovation was new to me. I had always wanted to make a difference within my community, but lacked the support and resources..."

Our former Project Manager, Paulette Soscia, shares the poem she wrote as a thank you to the Innovation Works team who brought a crazy idea to life...

I am beyond excited to be taking the role of Director here at Innovation Works and consider it an honour to be attached to the trail-blazers before me.  The planning has created our blue prints, our DNA.  The house has been built with careful selection and firm adherence to our guiding principals.  Most of the rooms are filled with distinction and possibilities - yet to be discovered.

It’s been about six months since Innovation Works London opened. It’s a co-working space dedicated to social innovation. It’s an incubator for creativity. It’s a collection of people and organizations dedicated to social purpose work.

Innovation Works sits down with Chaun McLellan of 201.SOLUTIONS to discuss how social innovation has helped to invigorate his entrepreneurial goals, access to resources, and networking opportunities.

For Sheila Simpson, Innovation Works offers a growing sense of community, care, and compassion that is exclusive to the space and people who use it. 

If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what an amazing beautiful space Innovation Works is. This marvelous building in the heart of downtown London didn’t just pop up overnight.

For Irina, the Innovation Works space has enabled her to expand her business network and continues to invigorate her own collaborative spirit!