From the mouths of social innovators

Imagine a day when organizations whose primary mission is social impact use business plans as their road maps.

The Government of Canada wants us to collaborate to inspire innovation in Canada; that’s the kind of thinking we here at Innovation Works love!

That was a Grand Opening to remember! Innovation Works’ Block Party on Wednesday July 20th claimed to be the biggest block party in London and boy, was it ever. 

Johnny Fansher reflects on the spark that ignited one of the most magical movements that London Ontario has ever witnessed.

Is your organization making some big changes? Before you do, take a look at our list of Top 10 things to consider when you need to shake things up!

We may not realize how surrounded we are by branding, but today it is pretty much everywhere. You can often tell the brand of jeans someone is wearing just by looking at the stitching on their pockets! Branding is more than just a logo or a graphic element. 

"If I could use three words to describe my expectations of Innovation Works, they would be unique, successful, and risk-taking."

In addition to building many of the bridges and water treatment plants in London, some of his company’s well-known projects include the Covent Garden Market, the Dr. Oetker Pizza Plant, the London International Airport expansion, Starlim Sterner, and 3M’s Corporate Head Office, Tartan Place.