From the mouths of social innovators

Outside of work, Ash and Sean love to dive into a good book with a hot cup of coffee from Edgar and Joes. They are passionate about supporting the local community and small businesses.

“Come down to Innovation Works. Check out what communities are doing here. If something interests you, engage with it. Trust that people are loving and kind - here, at Innovation Works, they always are.”

Coming to Innovation Works, I had never heard of social enterprise. However, since becoming a Welcome Desk Volunteer, I’ve been taught all about it, from direct engagement with co-tenant members and attending amazing events.

Innovation Works really is the embodiment of what the future can hold for organizations ...

Currently, Mensadora is creating a program focusing on teaching seventh and eighth graders about period shaming. In the fall, Mensadora will be running a pilot program teaching students how to sew their own set of pads. Those not needing pads can choose to make pads to donate or can join in on other projects.

“Innovation works is less a space as it is a community... I’ve developed the most meaningful friendships and partnerships in my entire life."

As we say "adieu" to our resident writer Sean Meyer; who recently took on a new challenge. We want to thank you, Sean; for all the amazing stories you helped us tell about our co-tenants. 

Broadcast journalism didn’t end up paying off, nor did a venture into teaching for the French language school board, but 11 years later Mélanie’s leap of faith has grown into a full-fledged business, WordFrog Inc.

One of the biggest advantages of being an Innovation Works co-tenant, Julie said, is all the connections she has already made in just one month within the space.

Justin said the plan is to do some hiring this year, building up his team to 50 percent more staff in the next six months.