From the mouths of social innovators

One day, back in April, he decided to come in and find out more. After an impromptu tour from Innovation Works director Lore Wainwright, he signed up as a co-tenant and has been travelling to the space once a week ever since.

“Between yoga and meditation, I later added Reiki (a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation), because energy healing modality was something my naturopath told me I needed because my anxiety was so bad,” she said. “Then I moved, organically, into helping other people with this. When I left the corporate world, it was natural for me to step into this.”

Quick to acknowledge her pride for young people who are utilizing the space, not to mention those who are showing social consciousness and the ability to collaborate in different ways, Maureen said she understands why the spirit of innovation works so well with the audience she is dedicated to writing about.

The ability to enable social innovation, the pooling and generating of ideas, this is the kind of space that allows really great things to happen. Not just allows, but encourages,” Dorothy said.

Ryan, who has a long career as a financial planner, founded Quiet Legacy Planning Group Ltd. in 2012 as a way to help people accomplish both those goals.

Andrew Young has been a mortgage broker for 13 years, but he’s been a son his entire life, so when his father passed away in May 2011, he decided to combine his grief with his professional skills in the most inspiring way he could.

There are many people creating dynamic change in the world, but sometimes they need support in achieving those goals, a reality that got Zach Anderson thinking about how to best support that effort.

“Working in London allows me to get my fingers in a lot of different projects and helps me get to know a lot of the different lines of our business,” she said. “You need a basic understanding of what we do to make sure our clients get the best service for a reasonable price. Do they need a Cadillac or are they asking for a solid Buick?”

London Community Resource Centre was founded in 1974, long before Sam Dow was born, but his job today is to build upon a mission it launched more recently, educating people about food literacy.



Corey describes Innovation Works as “casual-professional,” an inviting environment offering the perfect balance between “cool vibes” and “getting down to business.”