From the mouths of social innovators

“This space, most importantly, offers people safety. It offers community, which wasn’t available before,” Christa said. “It offers stability, people can count on it every single month; it isn’t going to disappear any time soon. We know that as long as we put our time in, this is available to us, which is just incredible.”

After Louise and Len Motuzas sold their computer business, they knew two things for sure about their future plans — they weren’t ready to retire, but they were excited about sharing their experience with others.

Joe Francis kind of stumbled into his financial consulting business by fighting his way out of his own self-described financial mess.

Heather Miko-Kelly remembers the days — and they’re not so long ago — when the wider public avoided conversations around mental health because they were often uncomfortable and offered no answers. Today, however, she is excited about a much different world.

Kelsey Ramsden business pedigree is impressive as she not only owns a successful civil construction business, but was named Canada’s top female entrepreneur by Profit Magazine in both 2012 and 2013.

Melody Wu fell in love with Innovation Works the first time she walked in the front door, first becoming a volunteer and then later utilizing the energy of the space, and the connections she would make, to launch her own business.

The London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) was launched seven years ago as a vehicle to give young people an opportunity to share their thoughts on the topics identified as being important to their communities.

DeafBlind Ontario Services supports individuals who have dual sensory loss, which means they’re not deaf or blind, they’re both.

For more than two decades, Heart-Links has been working to improve the lives of people in communities across northern Peru, but like with that classic tree falling in the forest question, if nobody knows what’s happening, does it really count?

Poverty is a complex, ongoing problem no matter where you are, but it’s also something that can look very different from one community to the next.