From the mouths of social innovators

DeafBlind Ontario Services supports individuals who have dual sensory loss, which means they’re not deaf or blind, they’re both.

For more than two decades, Heart-Links has been working to improve the lives of people in communities across northern Peru, but like with that classic tree falling in the forest question, if nobody knows what’s happening, does it really count?

Poverty is a complex, ongoing problem no matter where you are, but it’s also something that can look very different from one community to the next.

As company founder Paul Rivard worked on growing his business, the idea of moving towards becoming a B Corp — a purpose-driven organization focused on creating global change — was brought forward to him by the team at Innovation Works.

Good Neighbors Canada launched in March 2017 with a focus on international community projects involving health, education, advocacy, and socio-economic development to establish a more sustainable global community.

Conversations around wellness are becoming more common as people realize they deserve what some might call the indulgence of self-care and reflection.

Three years ago, in an effort to further explore his cultural interests, Matthew launched City Proper, a venture providing consulting services and digital products to municipal cultural planners across North America.

This week we are featuring healthy rice paper vegetable wraps from Edgar & Joes Cafe.

Anne Carbert studied law with an interest in human rights, but it always seemed like there was something else she was meant to do.

Amanda Kennedy has seen first-hand the impact of discrimination, mental health and addiction issues can have on children and youth, not only in First Nations communities, but really in just about every community.