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Innovation Works Community Bond 2021 is now open

Innovation Works Community Bond 2021 is now open

London's coworking space for social innovators presents a unique local investment opportunity with the relaunch of the Innovation Works Community Bond! Our Community Bond is now open again to new and returning investors. With support from like minded people like you, who believe in the importance of a shared space like Innovation Works to be a hub for social innovation and cross-sector collaboration, we’re raising another $1 million for our second Community Bond - we're already at 58% of our goal!
What is a Community Bond?
A Community Bond is an interest-bearing loan that allows supporters to align their investments with their values, while enjoying competitive returns. With a minimum investment of $1,000 for five years, our bond provides 3% interest per year with no fees. An investment in our Community Bond allows you to build a more equitable economy by putting your dollars behind a cause you believe in. Your investment in Innovation Works is secured by the value of the building.
Why support Innovation Works?
Innovation Works is a place where changemakers and innovators come together to address challenges and uncover opportunities to accelerate positive social transformation. Your support of Innovation Works will help bolster our future financial sustainability, ensuring that social innovators have a place to connect, grow and thrive. An investment in Innovation Works is an investment in the community impact initiatives that will continue to happen in our space for years to come.
How can you join our community of supporters?
To make an investment in the Innovation Works Community Bond (or renew your previous bond) and commit to making a difference in our community, simply fill out the subscription form below. Please take a few minutes to refer to the Investor Package for everything you need to know about our Community Bond. Details on the investment process can be found on page 12. 

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Note: A huge thank you to our friends at the Centre for Social Innovation for granting us permission to repost their content to help answer your questions about Community Bonds. 


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