February 13 - 12:00 to 1:00
Online - Global - via webinar platform

Activate Your Values to Start Your Change Journey - DYPB & Our Better Selves Webinar

Do you look at the world with conviction and say:

“I want to solve that problem”

or “I want to help those people”?

Do you want to live a life in more alignment with your values?

Join DYPB in partnership with Our Better Selves for our “Activating Your Values To Start Your Change Journey” webinar.

Featured Expert: Nick Gibson, Founder of Our Better Selves and expert on Human Flourishing, Values and Change Agents

In this webinar, you will:
• Learn how to identify your values based on your own personal story and aspirations
• Discover the tools to perform a “values-audit” on your life to better activate your values
• Learn the steps to create an individual plan to allow you to activate your values as a change agent

Please join us! We look forward to helping you start your journey as a values-driven change agent!

WANT TO DIVE DEEPER? Join our LIVE WORKSHOP on Feb 20 here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/activate-your-values-as-a-change-agent-dypb-our-better-selves-workshop-tickets-54568509882